ADSL - Up to 24MBit

We are pleased to introduce our range of ADSL products

All options come with FREE set up

Download limits are enforced from 8am to midnight weekdays,
traffic outside this time frame does not count towards your limit.

Please email with your contact details to order ADSL

3GB Monthly traffic
Usage allowance3GB peak times
Monthly cost£19.99
30GB Monthly traffic
Usage allowance30GB peak times
Monthly cost£24.99
60GB Monthly traffic
Usage allowance60GB peak times
Monthly cost£34.99
90GB Monthly traffic
Usage allowance90GB peak times
Monthly cost£39.99
120GB Monthly traffic
Usage allowance120GB peak times
Monthly cost£44.99

Terms and Conditions

Speed of connection is dependent on availability and quality of phone line.
Download speed maxiumum - 24mbps, upload speed maximum 1mbps.

Upon consumption of the customer’s monthly allowance, the connection will be rate limited to 128Kbps with an additional 1GB.
Upon consumption of the additional 1GB the connection will be blocked until the customer purchases a top-up or reaches their next billing period start date.

All prices are subject to VAT and must paid by standing order 1 month in advance.
Setup usually takes 7 working days and requires a standard BT phone line.
For the first 7 days of service your connection is assessed to determine your optimal download speed before being set at the connection speed most suited to your line.